We’re all going on a summer holiday

What does summertime mean to you? Lazy days milling around in the sunshine with a nice tan on your legs and a Pimm’s in one hand ; sand between your toes and the kids playing happily and looking trendily scruffy like something out of a Boden catalogue? Or is it just a tad more stressful – huddling together in your cagoules steaming up the car windows as you eat your picnic in the rain for the umpteenth time? Kids fighting and telling you they’re bored before breakfast and you’ve gone through all the possible playdates you could without looking too desperate?
The reality, as usual, is somewhere in the middle. With a summer that started promisingly (weather-wise), I’m sure you managed to get a bit of colour on your legs and the wind in your sails but as we creep ever closer to September, I’m sure there’s at least one of you who is itching to do that first school run….

One year, when the kids weren’t at school yet and the summer holidays were an endless stretch of not much happening (and rain), I resorted to taking them to B & Q for a day out. We weren’t decorating or buying picture hooks, it was just that the kids were happily entertained sitting on all the loos and opening and closing all the shower unit doors. And the car park was free.

Even if summer holidays can be a little fraught, there is always just a bit more time on your hands. With no wi-fi, no English TV and the only washing being what can fit in your suitcase, there is always a bit more thinking time, which is what always seems to be lacking at home. Thoughts turn to decorating, sprucing and general ideas for how to make the house look a little bit better. And of course, money is no option when it’s all in your imagination.

A change is a good as a rest and it’s amazing what you can achieve with a bit of separation and a bit more time to plan.

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