Teacher’s Gifts – The Marmite of Gifting

Blog on easter presents ideas

You are either anti it or totally for it; there is no in-between. What am I rambling about? Teacher’s present, a school gate divider, the marmite of gifting. I am all for it and offer no apologies although I do admit it is not altruistic of me. Hubbie is an appalling gift giver, he rushes out in a panic and buys the first thing he sees from grapefruit knives to a biro. A gift is about the thought and that is what I would like my children to learn as I hope for decent presents from them when they are older! So far it is working, 2 children have learnt the art of gift buying, I am still training the other two.

It has been a slog. Christmas and Easter we make something for the teachers and their assistants and at the end of the summer term we go out and choose something for them. There have been times when I have had to guide a child away from the tumble dryer balls for Mrs P ‘but mum they are all bobbly and she would love them’ and explaining to a 7 year old why it is inappropriate for them to give Miss T a G String with a flag on the front. It has been worth it, this mother’s day I got a beautiful necklace.

So with Easter just a week away, what are the younger two going to make for their teachers? We have done the decorated egg boxes filled with a few treats, last year it was the Ikea egg cups shaped like feet and they made felt egg warmers. This year we worship at the throne of Pintrest, here are some of our favourites. I think we shall go for the carrots, who last had the double sided sticky tape?


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