Survival Words

Survival Words – What word gets you through the day?

Survival Sayings – words that get you through the day or at least gives you the last word!

What words get you through the day without grinding your teeth to stumps or stops you from getting into trouble with the boss?  Those words that that you find yourself muttering under your breath, or those that liberate you from your frustrations?

This has been sparked from a conversation with some old friends the other month.  A group of women who have known each other for over 25 years who are all mums having a rare dinner together discussing family life.  A few of us are embarking upon the teen years with our children, less physically exhausting than the toddler years but just as mentally challenging.  The question was how do you get through those moments when you want to scream, answer back, stick your tongue and stomp your feet at your teen but you know you have to remain the adult?

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My answer was ‘Whatever!’ you can use it under your breath or you can shout it, it gives you the last word.  There is very little that can be said after it has been uttered.  Oh my, it makes me feel so much better and yes, I use it regularly on my husband.

Less aggressive was ‘Anyway!’ depending on the tone you use or as my friend said, how you grunt it.  It indicates that they have gone too far and a change of direction is needed.

An old school friend used to use ‘Ho Hum!’ sometimes it would be ‘ho hum! I’ve made a mistake’ in a sing song voice through to a ‘HO HUM!’ in a deep growl meaning she has plenty to say to you but was holding back.  Very popular was ‘Really?’ and ‘Seriously?’ along with an ‘mmmmm’ which has to be accompanied by a raised eyebrow.

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Further suggestions included muttering ‘prosecco, prosecco, prosecco’ to yourself as a way of saying if you get through this your reward will be liquid at the end of the day.  While one, who has a particularly obnoxious boss, prefers to gesticulate under her desk every time he annoys her.  Once she was so frantic with her gestures that she bruised her knuckles on the desk, try explaining that in the accident report book.

My mother, if we were sitting around not being very productive would declare ‘this isn’t going to get the baby a new dress’, her code for get off your bottoms and start pulling your weight.  Her glare if you ever pointed out that technically I was the baby of the family was so icy Eskimos would freeze.

Perhaps that inner two year old never really leaves us, no matter how old we are we want to lie down on the middle of floor, ignoring everyone around us and just scream and stomp our hands and feet so great are our frustrations with life.  Unfortunately that will soon loose us the respect that we may have built up, as Taylor Swift said ‘Silence speaks so much louder than screaming tantrums. Never give anyone an excuse to say that you’re crazy.’

So as I deal with a teen who is not learning his Spanish vocabulary in preparation of his upcoming GCSE’s I shall be muttering under my breath in a not so laid back tone,  ¡como sea!

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