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Who are you?

Crimson Tiger was formed over numerous cups of coffees by Annie & Nerissa who had met when their children were at Preschool together and they had served on the committee together.  Bringing together their skills in market research and as a jewellery company owner along with the numerous skills they had learnt from the committee and raising their children.  The company was first registered with Company House in March 2013 and officially launched the website in November 2013.

Annie has since moved on to new pastures and now Nerissa is supported by Sam, Nick, Pippa & Andrew and of course, our office dog, Bisc.

Crimson Tiger’s ethos is to treat people as we would wish to be treated and are a friendly bunch, especially Bisc who enjoys a good belly rub.  We are always happy to receive feedback, ideas or even have a chin wag with our customers.  You can easily find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We also spend too much time on Pinterest.

If you want to read more about us and how the company was formed here are some links to Talented Ladies Club and Surprising Sutton who have interviewed us.

Where do we source our range of gifts, homeware and accessories?

Stock is sourced in a variety of ways, we have been introduced to British craftsmen and women, visiting trade shows, and now many of our personalised items are made in house.


How can I pay and is it safe?

You can pay us via two methods.  First is PayPal which I am sure many of you have heard about.  You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal as a way of paying but it is quicker and often offers to not take the payment from you until you receive the goods or services that you have ordered.

You can also pay using credit or debit card.  This is done securely and we have no access to your card details and therefore we do not store these details.


How do we order a personalised item that requires images?

When you order for example a mug with a photo or image on, order as you would any other item on the website, checking out and paying.  You will then receive an email confirming your order and payment.  We will then send you another email detailing how you can email the images to us.

What sort of photograph can I use?

Jpeg are the easiest to work with but we can also work from PSD, PSE, PDF and PNG.  The better quality the image the better the product will be.


How long till I receive my order?

We aim to dispatch within 3 days of receiving the images for personalised items in busy periods like Christmas but often the item is dispatched within 24 hours in 19 out of 20 orders.  If time is of the essence the please just give us a quick email to and we will confirm that it will be done in time.


Spelling mistakes on personalised items and cards?

If it is our fault them obviously we will amend and resend but this has yet to happen due to our stringent checking procedures.  Please check and recheck any information on names etc that you send us as fingers can slip on keyboards and keypads.  If you do notice that you have sent us the wrong information email us straight away


I would like to receive you emails but I am worried about what you will do with my details?

We never ever, ever pass on or sell your details to anyone.  We would be furious if someone sold our details without our permission and therefore would not do that to you.  If you sign up for our emails you will hear about offers and new products first, sometimes we run exclusive offers just for those who are on our email list.  You can unsubscribe anytime you wish, although we hope you don’t!


I have purchased from you and would like to leave a review.

Oh how we would love it if you would as it so helps others who are thinking of also buying the same item to have an honest opinion.  If you visit our website and click on the product you wish to review you will see below the pictures an area to leave a review.  It will ask for your name and email but do not worry these will not show up on the review when published.  The review will not be available to see straight away as we like to verify before publishing.  We only publish reviews from people we can see have actually purchased from us otherwise it would be a lie on our part.


I have ordered from you but not received an email is that because I have not signed up for emails?

We always send emails out to confirm that we have received your order and that your order has been dispatched.  Please check your spam or junk file, if nothing is there then send us an email to explaining what you have ordered and you’ve not received an email as it might be a mistype when you entered your details and we can correct it so you can receive updates on the order.


If you have any other questions you can either post them below of email them to, yes you guessed it, and we will happily answer them.  Thank you x


The Paint Box poem
The Paint Box poem



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