ReGifting – Recycling or Cheating?

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Rant Alert

So I have just had a birthday and once again received several re-gifts.  They were obvious re-gifts, and had been plonked in their ‘gift drawer’ until the next unfortunate person had a birthday, in this case me, and happily handed over to me as a gift with no thought whatsoever as to whether they thought it was suitable for me.  Although none of this year’s re-gifts beats the time when I actually received back the gift I gave them the Christmas before as a stocking present!  It amazes me at how casually we re-gift these days and how it has become so socially acceptable to just fling the present you don’t like on to the next person’s birthday without any thought.  A gift is about the thought, not money or a thoughtless gesture.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when re-gifting is acceptable but it has to be done with your best judgement and integrity.


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Here are Crimson Tiger’s rules to re-gifting, follow them carefully boys and girls or you could be seeing more than the recipients gift face when they open your next re-gift.

The Rules

  1. Durh! Obviously! (inner teen slipping in here) Do not re-gift when the recipient and the giver are within the same social circles.
  2. Do not re-gift when the recipient and the giver are both Facebook friends. You will be caught out!

Regifting disaster

  1. Never re-gift when it is something that the original giver has handmade. That’s downright rude.
  2. If it is something currently fashionable then you only have a short amount of time to re-gift it. Never re-gift it when it is not in style.  You will be judged as being uncool!
  3. Only re-gift if it is something you really would have purchased for them in the first place.
  4. Remember any gift is a reflection of your taste, unless it is something they have requested. When you re-gift think ‘is this something that I actually like?’  Do not re-gift if it is not something you would have bought them in the first place.  If it is a close friend they will immediately recognise a re-gift!  See above rant!
  5. Only re-gift if the packaging is in perfect condition and sealed, especially when it comes to cosmetics as they deteriorate when open. Nothing like giving someone a bottle of rash inducing bubble bath.

In a time where money is short and the need to recycle more essential then re-gifting, when done respectfully is fine, but also remember the local charity shops for those items that really are not suitable to re-gift.

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