Mother’s Day – 11 suggestions of some timely gifts

Mother’s Day – the day we honour our mothers.  It can be a bittersweet day for some, those who never had the chance to meet their mother, or those whose mother has past away, those who have suffered the loss of their child, those who never had the chance to be a mother.  The shops are always full of cards, gifts and posters, full of flowers and happy messages, adverts on the tellie, there really is no escaping it.

I am lucky, I have four wonderful boys who will grunt their mother’s day wishes to me although one year they did forget including the husband.  It wasn’t until my sister in law came running over to me and give me a big hug, wishing me happy mother’s day that it suddenly dawned on them all!  How they forgot seeing as we were all going out for a meal with my husband’s mother to celebrate I will never understand.  I have happy memories of mother’s day, it was mother’s day my totally unromantic husband telephoned me after visiting his mother and told me that we needed to go and buy a ring as he realised he wasn’t going to find anyone better, yes, this was his idea of a marriage proposal and yes, dear reader, I married him despite this!

I also have the sadness of my own mother passing away, just before mother’s day, after a quick illness.  Her gift and card are still sitting in the back of the wardrobe, not wanting to give them to anyone else but not quite able to throw them out or donate to charity.  As I said it can be a bitter sweet day for some.

Hopefully mother’s day for you is not tainted and you are looking forward to the day.  It is a day to remember to say thank you to your mum for all the things she has done for you.  Some fear that it is a time to empty your pockets to buy a gift, restaurants are packed and some charging a premium, all the tourist attractions are heaving with families.  So what can you do to avoid the crush and to still have a few jingling pennies in your wallet?

gifts for her, ideas for gifts

  1. Breakfast in bed – a given unless your mum really doesn’t like crumbs exfoliating her while she sleeps or the sheer thought of her in her nightie sends a shiver down your spine.
  2. Make her lunch – possibly a much safer option than breakfast in bed!
  3. Take over her chores for the day, the loading of the washing machine is a real bore when you have to do it every day.
  4. Clear up your mess – without her having to ask you!
  5. Play a game or watch a video of her choice – yes I know Bridget Jones is not your choice of viewing but for once, get a bowl of popcorn, make yourself comfortable and watch without making any scathing comments or sounds.Movie night with mum
  6. Just give her a really big hug – us mums still like a good hug.
  7. Make something – her favourite cake or a loaf of bread! My favourite mother’s day gift was a frame from Ikea with a collage created by all four boys.  The fact that they had worked together on my gift really meant something to me.
  8. Get together with your siblings – find your old childhood photos, recreate some of them and create a now and then montage. You will also have great fun being silly.
  9. Phone her – I spend most of my mother’s day reminding He who buys grapefruit knives to call his mum. Try and remember to do it without being prompted!
  10. Cook a meal, restaurants are always heaving on mother’s day so make her favourite meal at home just don’t leave her with the mess.
  11. If she doesn’t live in the area that she grew up and you are able to, take her back to her home town and spend the day listening to the stories she tells of growing up there.

Make a cake

This year I am going to nominate a special mother’s day gift from Crimson Tiger to a lovely lady who has never had children of her own but has cared for many.  She was once a nanny and later ran a preschool.  She has looked after my children when we have gone for the first baby scan and did not want to alert the family to another baby on the way.  She is the mother of the community.  A few years ago she was injured rather badly in an accident and it was only then that the community realised how much she did.  So happy mother’s day Joyce, you are the best mother a community could have.

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