Wrap it Wednesday

Wrap it Wednesday – Disguising a Gift

How often have you asked someone what they would like for their birthday, or perhaps chosen something from the ideas list?  The problem is that you can gift wrap it as beautifully as you like but they will still know what it is as soon as it is handed to them.  How can you get around it?

If they are like me they enjoy the element of surprise when it comes to birthdays.  Life is so boring when you are handed something that you immediately know what it is.  Time to disguise the gift!

Perhaps add a small token gift that they will like, nothing expensive.  It can be anything from a pair of socks to a bag of their favourite sweets.  Something you can hide their gift in and when you wrap the gift it will look and feel different to what they expect.

gifts for him

Hiding a gift

My father in law asked for a watch for his birthday so we gift wrapped the watch but you could tell that it was a watch sized box.  As he is a keen golfer, I made him a personalised golf towel with his name on and wrapped that around the main gift and wrapped the gift again.  As you can see from the photos below, he ended up being handed something squidgy and not quite what he was expecting.

A squidgy non watchlike gift

With number 3’s birthday gift, he wanted money to put towards something expensive!  So we hid the money in a big box filled with packing peanuts (well in this household they will always be reused!) and his favourite French crisps from French Click.  He loved that fact he had this lucky dip gift and was burying his hand down and finding more crisps, and more money and gifts.  Got to make him work hard for his gifts!

Gift wrapping ideas

Lucky dip birthday wrap

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