Wrap It Wednesday – Budget Gift Bling

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Hands up if you have a few bits of broken costume jewellery that you have yet to get round to throwing out?  The necklace has snapped, charms have fallen off, some of the clasps keep pulling on your favourite top as they have worked themselves loose.  Time to incorporate it in your gift wrapping, if they can’t pretty up you, they can pretty up a present.

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I have a bag of broken bits and bobs and it seems so wasteful to throw out and it is beyond repair to be donated to a cause so I break it down further and use the more decorative parts to adorn gifts.  Due to making jewellery I obviously have the tools that help break down the bling but you can raid the DIY tool kit for a pair of thin nose pliers and wire cutters which is all you will need.  You can try tugging, pulling and a pair of scissors but go careful of failing that a pair of thin nose pliers starts from only £2.30 on Amazon.


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Choose what item you want to take apart, here I had a bracelet that was broken in a couple of places.  I took off two of the heart charms and by carefully pulling apart their jump rings, by going carefully I could reclose the jump rings and use them to attach to the ribbon on the gift.  The less you twist and pull the less stressed the metal ring will get so will keep some of its strength.



gifts for her

I always have a bag of ribbons, if anything arrives with a ribbon I rescue it and tuck it away, even ribbons around cakes are squirreled away so that they can be used on personal gift wrapping sessions.  Obviously when Crimson Tiger do a wrap and send we use brand new ribbon off a reel and not something off my son’s cake!

Using charms, pendants and such you can really up the anti on the look of the gift you are giving, no one needs to know you used to wear it around your wrist!

gifts for her