The Ephemerids – exclusive photographs by Jon Bradley

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Photographer, Jon Bradley who is based in Northumberland explains his ‘The Ephermerids’ series.

For many years now, I have been undertaking an exploration of different types of spaces with my cameras. Space can come in many different formats and it seems the more I look the more I have to journey. This project is part of this journey. It represents the freedom that a photographer has with a camera who will stop to ponder and contemplate a particular scene. In practice, it is I who is presenting my journal of being immersed in my particular spaces and what you see is literally what will have been seen with my own eyes merely thousandths of seconds before. Often, they are fleeting glimpses as I walk – sometimes they are scrutinised. Frequently, these images will elude to the type of space they were taken in – for it is space that has a very powerful influence over us all. Sometimes however – these images may appear quite anonymous. They may be recognisable – some will be obscure.

Jonathan Bradley


These scenes are ephemeral – what is captured on the traditional silver halide emulsion and recreated with light under the enlarger is a unique snapshot in time and place. Many photographers make reference to this absolute instant of capture. That particular moment was fragile but the scene you see is fixed indefinitely in permanence. It is the film that records that vista that may evoke a particular emotion but it is that immeasurable passing of time that so quickly leaves us that adheres this concept. Sadly, unlike the mayfly that lives for a merely a day, these ephemerids are sufficiently suspended from the animation of everyday life for your consideration.



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