Jonathan Bradley – Photographer & Artist

About the artist

Jonathan Bradley is passionate about the art of photography and the traditional darkroom techniques.   Based in Northumberland he is part of a family run photography studio whose work range from portrait to fine art photography.  Bradley Photography has created PASSION, the first dedicated digital portrait archive that preserves images that have never existed in hard copy and is held by Tyne and Wear Archive Service for public use.

Jonathan’s work has been exhibited in London, Newcastle and Durham so it with great pride that Crimson Tiger was chosen to exclusively offer his ‘The Ephemerids’ series.

We thought we would cross question Jonathan to see what he is like with regard to gifts, is he a giver of grapefruit knives or gifter extraordinaire!

What sort of gift giver are you? Impulsive, thoughtful, the panic buyer?

I like to think I am thoughtful,

What was the best gift you have given?

A Swiss Army knife to my wife (far better than a grapefruit knife!)

What was the best gift you have received?

A Parker Sonnet, which I received when I was 18.

What was your worse gift?

A coaster (obviously the person who gave him that did not give him a Crimson Tiger My Life My Coaster!!!)

What’s your secret pleasure?

Playing Sor on a carillon (yes dear reader, we also had to go and google ‘carillon’)


Bradley Photography offers a range of services including camera walks, darkroom hire, and darkroom lessons so you can learn about the art of developing your own photographs.  For further information on these courses, you can contact Jonathan on

Traditional Photography



Jonathan Bradley is not just any ordinary photographer, oh no, this man has cycled to the point of a sore bottom in many places including Oxfordshire and Hadrian’s Wall and has had his legs waxed to raise money for the charity Bloodwise a charity close to the heart of both him and Crimson Tiger.  He has a handsome retired greyhound, Stevie, who is known to us as #darkroomdog.  We think Stevie and Bisc, Jonathan and Crimson Tiger are a great collaboration!



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