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Living It – Marking the Children’s Clothes

It is that time of year for me where I am busy with the name labels as the boys have all had growth spurts and I need to name their uniforms, P.E. kits and shoes.  In the old days, I used to sew in those lovely traditional fabric strips with their full name embroidered on as all the uniform would be passed on to the next one and I could unpick and sew in the next label.  Nowadays life is too busy to be spending all that time with unnecessary sewing.  I have discovered sticky name labels.  As I also run the second-hand uniform for the primary school and realised they are really difficult to take off.  With the four boys at three different schools, I pop the label on to their clothing and a dot to represent the child.  Yes, my children are not only colour coded they have a dot to represent them.  One dot is the eldest, two dots for number two child, three dots for number three child, and four dots for the youngest!  It came about after my husband would dress the eldest in his younger sibling’s trousers thinking they were shorts!  It now helps me with the laundry so the eldest doesn’t freak out that I have accidentally put in his drawer his father’s pants, disinfection is apparently necessary for all surfaces that may have been in contact with them!  Using dots, as the clothes pass down an extra dot appears on the clothes.

sewing in the name labels

After the uniform comes the sewing, I have yet to find a way round this.  The colour coding of the socks.  A few stitches on the base of the sole in the child’s colour.  I know, especially for the younger ones I could easily just buy them all the same and just not worry about who is wearing them but who would I shout at when I find them stuffed down the side of the sofa or under the dining room table?

How do you avoid the mixing up of clothes when you have multiple clothing in similar sizes?  Any tricks and tips you would like to share to help the motherhood out?  We would love to hear.  If you enter a comment below it asks for your email, this is never publicised, it is to help avoid spam and we just use your initials rather than your full name.