Wrap It Wednesday

Wrap It Wednesday – Sew we do it again!

We loved last week’s Wrap It Wednesday so much we have expanded on the theme this week.  The gift for a friend’s birthday was a set of nail goodies and she is not the type to want the flaff of a basket, and they were the wrong shape to be popped in a jar so once again we reached for the needle and thread and the good old brown paper!

To prove that hand sewing is possible and just as effective as machine sewing we left the sewing machine in the cupboard and got out our embroidery threads, in a bold contrasting colour.  So for this envelope wrap, you will need the following:

Brown Paper


Needle and Thread in a bold colour or a Sewing Machine

Sticky Label (if you don’t have any in the house just cut out your shape and glue it into place.

Coloured Pens

Wrap It Wednesday

Lay your gifts on the brown paper so you can measure out the paper.  We measured out the gifts and then the same measurements twice over.  We added an extra 6cm as a ‘seam’.

Wrap It Wednesday

Fold over the first third to create the slot and run a crease along the bottom.

Wrap It Wednesday

Fold the two sides in once and then again so it makes a neat seam along the sides.

Wrap It WednesdayWrap It Wednesday

Fold the top into a triangle with the point at the top to form the flap.

Wrap It Wednesday

Sew around the edges, first up one side, then along the triangle of the flap and finally, down the other side.  You can hide your knots, to stop it unpicking, inside the folds of the sides.

Take your sticky label, I used a normal address label, and cut into your desired shape.  With your felt tip pen draw whatever design you wish on it or even a message.

Wrap It Wednesday

Slip your gifts inside the envelope and seal the flap down with your label or glued paper.

We promise next week’s Wrap It Wednesday will not include brown paper or a needle and thread!