Wrap It Wednesday

Wrap It Wednesday – Silly Gift Tags

Is it just us but are gift tags expensive?  You buy a roll or sheet of wrapping paper and next thing you know it is going to cost you the same again for just one tag!  Or you go to wrap your present and find there are no gift tags left.  We have come to your rescue.

We have created some free silly gift tags with random messages.  Click on the link below and then print them off.  You can print them off on any colour paper except black!  Here are some ideas on how you can use your free label pdf.

  • Print the labels off on coloured paper or light card that will match or even better, clash with your wrapped gift.

gift tags

  • If you want to make them more cohesive with your gift wrapping then you can print the labels on paper or card and glue the sheet to your left over wrapping paper.  Let it dry and then carefully cut around and make a hole for the ribbon.  Write with a Sharpie or metallic pen on the wrapping paper side.
  • Fancy being bold?  Enlarge the pdf so it prints the label you want to use as one big A4 sized label, cut it out and have it hanging off your gift.

gift wrapping ideas

Cover one gift with all the labels, excessive and very silly but then that is so us!

Print off on white card, carefully cut round and with a coloured felt-tip pen, run the edge of the felt tip round the cut edge, this will bring out the edge of the label.  Repeat where you have cut or hole punched the circle and feed the same or clashing colour ribbon through.

Have you thought of any other ways you can use our labels?  The please let us know by commenting below.  We only ever publish your initials never your full name or email.  We would also love to see your photographs of your wrapped gifts using our gift tags.  Tag us in your pictures on social media.

free gift tags


Click here for your free gift tags