Wrap It Wednesday – Felt Flower Toppers

wrap it wednesday

So why would you want to make a felt flower topper?  Well imagine you have written in the card, you have purchased the perfect gift, the perfect gift is neatly wrapped but something is missing, the gift looks plain and boring in its wrapping.  After all that time spent making sure you have the right gift, time to make the wrapping look spot on.

We are loving these felt flower toppers, you will be surprised at how quick you can make them, you might even end up making batches of them and gluing them on top of twigs and popping them in a vase.

What you will need:

Strips of felt or other non-fraying material


Needle and thread

A good film on television (optional)


Take a rectangle of felt, ours was approximately 25 cm long and 12cm wide.

Fold in half lengthways.

Wrap it Wednesday

With thread matching the colour of the felt sew a simple running stitch along the raw edges to keep them together.  Do not cast off and keep the needle and thread still attached to the felt.

felt flower topper

Carefully cut from the folded side into the felt at regular intervals carefully stopping at least a centimetre before the end.  We cut ours approximately every 0.7cm, if you want to make the ‘petals’ thinner cut at smaller intervals but this works best on a wider and longer rectangle of felt (see our pink felt flower).

gift wrapping ideas

Roll the felt up tightly using the sewn end as the base.

Wrap It Wednesday

With the thread that is still attached sew through the rolled up edge several times, to hold the roll in place.

Carefully arrange the ‘petals’ of the flower topper.

Perfect gifts

Attach to the ribbon or glue/double sided sticky tape onto your wrapped gift.


We have made a couple of felt flower topppers for you to see the different effects from cutting the ‘petals’ in different widths.  Our favourite is the grey felt flower.

When you have made the felt flower toppers take a photography and tweet or tag us on Facebook, we would love to see them.


Felt flower toppers