So, Why Shop At Crimson Tiger

So, Why Shop At Crimson Tiger

So why buy from us?  Well other than the fact we do a happy dance every time you order and you are not only supporting an independent business but also help four children reach their aspirations, there are also benefits for you, here is why we think you would like buying from Crimson Tiger.

If you look in the top left corner of our web address on your web browser when you visit our website that tells you that we are secure.  It indicates that the page uses the SSL protocol (a data transfer security standard that encrypts data and authenticates the server and the integrity of the message) or the TLS protocol.  If you go through all our pages you will find that every page has the locked padlock.

We do not store your payment details.  In fact, we have no access to your numbers on your card whatsoever.  Why is this?  We pay two well-respected companies, PayPal and Stripe who have far bigger security than we could ever put in place on our website.  We feel this is the best and safest way for our customers to purchase.

We can make to order items to your specifications without it costing you a fortune.  You can send us an image and ask us to make it black and white, remove the background, make the image look painted, a mix of gemstones on your bracelet, a necklace in a different length.  All you ever have to do is ask and we will chat to you about what can or can’t be done.

We treat you how we want to be treated.  You are our customer, we want you to enjoy your purchase, shopping should not be a chore.  We want to think you are doing a happy dance like we are.

Legally you only have to have 14 days to return something you do not like.  We know what life is like, so we have extended this to 28 days.

We don’t have many reviews for several reasons, we do not pester our customers with requests for reviews, those who have left reviews genuinely have chosen to do so.  The reviewers are genuine reviewers, we have not paid anyone, we have not written them ourselves.  The only editing we have done of the reviews is removed full names and email addresses.  Yes, that lady really did buy 15 scarves in one hit!

So why not try us out, see if you like what we do, write a review if you want to, don’t write a review if you do not care to and you might just find yourselves joining in our happy dance.

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