Wrap It Wednesday

Wrap It Wednesday – Pleating

Wanting to pretty up your wrapping skills?  How about some fashionable pleating on your gifts.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds, we promise just follow the instructions and the photos.

This style of wrapping is perfect for gift wrapping books, DVDs, and CDs.

What you need:

The gift! Yes, we know this is obvious.

Wrapping paper



Sticky tape

Double sided sticky tape although if you really don’t have any you could kind of get away with normal sticky tape.

Yes really, that is all you need.  Now to follow the instructions.


  1. Lay your gift out on the paper, make sure there is extra width by nearly half again.
    Gift Wrapping ideas

    Step 1

  2. Fold along the raw edge to make it neater and straight.
    wrapping cds

    Step 2

  3. The fold over about half an inch along, repeatedly along the excess width until you get nearer the gift.
    Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Step 3

  4. Unfold until you reach the original fold of the raw edge.
    Wrap it wednesday

    Step 4

  5. Turn the paper over so you have the pattern side up.
    Wrap It Wednesday

    Step 5

  6. Take from the first crease and pull the paper across to create your first pleat.
    Wrap It Wednesday

    Step 6

  7. Carry on along taking each creased edge and pulling it over to just before the last as in the picture.
    Gift wrapping ideas

    Step 7

  8. This is the fiddly bit. Lay your hand over the wrapping paper pleats and flip the paper over carefully so the pleats stay in place.
    wrap it wednesday

    Step 8

  9. Take a piece of sticky tape and place it across the pleats so they stay in place.  Depending on the size of your gift wrapping you may need to place further sticky tapes along the pleats.
    gift wrapping ideas

    Step 9

  10. Take a piece of double sided sticky tape along the folded raw edge.
    gift ideas for her

    Step 10

  11. Wrap the gift in the paper, and finish as normal.
    gift wrapping ideas

    Step 11

  12. Tie a coordinating ribbon around the gift to finish it off.

gifts for her   Pleating gift wrapping

How did it go?  Not as fiddly as it sounded?  We would love to see photographs of your finished versions, you can tag us in a tweet @crimsontiger3 or post on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/crimsontigertrading/