Wrap It Wednesday

Wrap It Wednesday – Folding a rose from a scarf

A rose by any other name is a ……… scarf!

Wrapping does not always mean having to hide the gift in its gift wrap, sometimes it can wrapped so it can be seen but presented in a lovely or unusual way.

Scarves can be very uninspiring to wrap, they become this flat, limp wrapped gift so we have come up with something to make it a little unusual.  A rose.  Here is how to do it and it is far easier than it sounds once you follow the instructions.

You will need:

Scarf or similar fabric gift

Cellophane cut to size

Ribbon (not necessary but always nice

Andrea Scarf

  • Take the scarf out of its packaging
  • Open out the scarf to its full length and size
  • Fold it in half so it forms a near square

gift wrapping ideas

  • Fold again, this time corner to diagonal corner to form a triangle

gift iseas

  • Roll the base of the triangle up towards the point

gift wrapping ideas

  • Stop rolling about halfway up
  • roll from edge
  • Take the far right end of the scarf and roll it from base point to the other base point.

gift wrapping ideaswrap it wednesdaybeautiful gifts to make you smile

  • With the remaining base point, tuck it into one of the previous rolls

gift wrapping ideas

  • Lay your scarf rose carefully on your cellophane wrap (I promise it is in the picture, you just have to look really carefully!)
  • Roll the rose up like a florist would

  • Tie the cellophane with ribbon or twine for a more rustic look

gifts for her

Viola, you know have your rose scarf ready to present to your birthday girl.  See, like I said it is easier once you follow the step by step instructions.

We used our Andrea scarf which is available at Crimson Tiger by clicking on here for only £9.99.  If you really wanted to treat someone you could do a bouquet of scarves.  Ask us nicely we might even give you a discount if you were to order more than 3 scarves!

We would love to see your photos of your rose scarves or even tea towels would work just as well.  You can tweet them and tag us in your tweet @crimsontiger3 or visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/crimsontigertrading/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/crimsontigertrading/