Gift Training Update 1! Training my husband to be a better gift giver.


What was that? How’s the husbands gift training going? Surprisingly well, thank you for asking.  Yes! Seriously, he did not mess up this Christmas with his gifts! Well, he kind of did in that he left me to sort his families’ gifts again, and paid no attention to what we were going to get the kids but he did really, really well when it came to surprising me! If you missed our original blog post about gift training you can read it by clicking here.

He actually took on board what was missing in my life, warmth at night.  A duvet.  Every night we go to bed and have equal amounts of duvet coverage, then somewhere between 1 and 2 o’clock in the morning he has managed to wrap himself up into a beautiful cocoon and I am left reaching for the emergency blankets that I have had to line up in readiness at the bottom of the bed.  He knew I had looked at super king sized duvets but had dismissed the costs (well, he had looked at the price and said no way!) so after double checking the size with my friend he went out and got a duvet for Christmas.  He even got a feather one (my personal preference) and it is summer and winter, the type where you get two duvets and popper them together, yes, I know, but he didn’t, that the popper type come unpopped and one duvet slides down to the bottom of the cover but that is something you only would know with experience so I am not holding that against him especially as now I am so snug and warm at night.

He even managed extra surprise presents.  I have this thing that I just want one surprise to open at Christmas and birthdays. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that has shown a little thought, a small treat.  In fact, he went seriously overboard (silly chap, he should have kept a few back for the next few present sessions but shhhs, don’t tell him that!). He remembered that I struggled to find my big button calculator.  Big button calculators is an age thing, when your arms are not long enough to be able to see the numbers on the normal sized calculator and your visit to the optician is overdue.  He also recalled how useful foldup shopping bags are, treated me to a book on papercutting and some pear drops because when I was incubating the eldest and he refused to move, a glass of cold water never worked but pear drops would quickly get him moving for the sonographer.  Thoughtful gifts, huge pat on the back to my man and a high five for my gift training skills!

Guess what, he has even mentioned going out for dinner valentine’s day, the man who usually grabs the first card he can and a couple of stale Millys cookies which he past a couple of days before is actually talking about me not having to cook for valentine’s day.  You never know, this year he may not be waiting for me to cook my own birthday dinner, one can hope!

Have you received some disastrous gifts from your partner or perhaps from a friend or family member? What is the worse thing you have gifted to someone.  Tell us by commenting below, we will not publish your full name only initials and never your email.

Duvet heaven