Mrs CT’s Mother’s Day Wish List – It’s much cheaper than Mrs M’s!

Mother's day gift ideas

So I have been reading about Mrs Middleton’s Mother’s Day wish list that she shared in her column with Baby London.  Oh how I wish I could hope for just one present from that list!  You see mother’s day is a bit of a pot luck day for me.  One year my son’s, all four of them and my husband completely forgot to even wish me a happy mother’s day, it is a good job I love them so.  Usually, when they do remember, I get some stale cookies from the stall at the train station purchased on his lordship’s journey home and or a packet of Minstrells which everyone tucks into.

After reading the very tempting but pricey ideas that Mrs M came up with I decided I would create my own, more realistic but just as hopeful list.

  1.  ‘Bugger’ Print from a Zanders and Sons.  £35, printed on fine paper measuring 30 x 40cm designed by Swedish duo Anki Josefsson and Anneli Sandström.  It perfectly sums up how I feel most days and would be perfect for the office! To purchase you can click here
  2. I have been growing my hair for nearly a year now and it is the longest it has ever been.  I am now getting childlike fantasy of upsweeps, buns, plaits and the like and have fallen in love with these gold bumblebee hair grips from Little Nell.  Bumblebees are very special to me as they were the motif of a school friend who sadly past away a couple of years ago so for £15 they will make a very special gift.  You can purchase the hair grips by clicking here
  3. Many moons ago, my father took my sister’s and I to Paris for the weekend, during the inevitable shopping session he took us to Frey Wille, a beautiful shop which specialises in enamel jewellery.  Unfortunately my budget will not stretch to one of their creations but coming in as a runner up is this enamel narcissus brooch which for £12.99 will be a good reminder of spring will soon be here.  You can purchase the brooch by clicking here
  4. Near to where we live are some glorious lavender fields, during the summer we always drive past with our windows down.  It is a great place to visit when the fields are open and you can buy all sorts of lavender goodies from bread, biscuits to lotions.  As the fields are shut at this time of year you can buy online some of their goods including this organic lavender hand and nail cream for £10 by clicking here

But let’s be honest, I have as much chance of getting a Whistle & Bango engraved bracelet for £95 as suggested by Mrs M, as I have receiving one of the above so I shall be happy to receive a sticky, creased homemade card from the youngest and a hug and a cuppa from the eldest assuming they remember this year!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all, if you find yourself lacking on the gift front, have a look at our website on Mother’s Day, we might just have a treat waiting for you. x


You can read about Carole Middleton’s Mother Day List by buying a copy of Baby London Magazine or clicking on the link below.

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