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Free Father’s Day Gift Tags To Print

Father’s Day is approaching and being the lovely people that we are we thought we would provide you with free printable labels so you can spend more money on the father in your life’s gift rather than the tag.

Sorry, what’s that? What’s the catch? None! Well you do have to provide the paper and ink to print it off on, and obviously the gift.  Other than that, we don’t ask for anything from you to print the labels.  No need to sign up for a newsletter, no need to pay us, you don’t even need to buy us a coffee, although we do like a good coffee so we would probably not say no if you ever offered us one!

What you need to do.

  1. Click on the link here or on the picture below, they both take you to the same place, a PDF which you can print from at home, or work, or at your friend’s house…..
  2. Take a pair of scissors and carefully, without cutting your fingers or your clothes, cut round the labels.  In best Blue Peter voice, you may want an adult to do this.
  3. With a hole puncher, line up where we have placed a circle and punch a hole so you can thread ribbon or string through it to tie to the parcel.  If you don’t have a hole punch, place some blue tac or like under the circle and with a sharp pencil pierce a hole.  Trim round with scissors to neaten the hole.
  4. Tie to your Father’s Day gift the tag you think is most appropriate for them!

If you need some gift inspiration don’t forget to look under our menu For Him which you can access by clicking here.  We offer a range of gifts including personalised gifts

Don’t forget to give your dad a hug as well as a gift!  Now about that coffee we were talking about…….

Free printable gift tagsYou can either click the picture above to be taken to the gift tag pdf or click here.