The Cement Works – we chat to Emma, the founder

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After gifting myself to a The Cement Works concrete candle for the summer and then a bowl to photograph jewellery in, well that was my excuse for the bowl and is I’m sticking to it, I finally plucked up the courage to ask Emma, the founder of The Cement Works if she would consider stocking a few items with Crimson Tiger.  I am so pleased she said yes!

We thought you might like to get to know a little about who The Cement Works is.  So here goes….

Who or what inspired The Cement Works?

My cement journey started after being inspired by my son who loves to crochet. I wanted to find myself a craft hobby which I could do at home as I have always enjoyed being creative and love the sense of achievement and pride that comes with making something yourself that is unique. I especially enjoy working with cement as I like the tactile nature and simplicity of the objects which can be created and designed to reflect individual personalities.

What was the best gift you have received?

My dad bought me a hot water bottle one Xmas- clear with plastic fish in it. I still use it every year when I’m cold in bed. So simple but I love it. And now dad’s no longer here it’s extra special 🙂

What is the best gift you have given?

I bought hubby a work bag 10 years ago which I have just replaced this weekend on his birthday as it was starting to fall apart, the new one cost a small fortune so I’m hoping it’ll last until his retirement.

What was the gift you really did not want to receive?

One year for secret Santa someone gave me a Simply Red CD. Now I don’t have anything against the band per se but it’s not something I would have bought and I thought it was quite a strange thing to give to someone who’s musical taste you know nothing about!

Dare we ask, what is the worse gift you have given?

For hubby’s 30th I treated him to a truly fancy pants meal in town at a restaurant he’d always wanted to go to. The meal cost upwards of £200. The downside was that I couldn’t taste a darn thing due to a stinking rotten cold that I had. At least he enjoyed himself.

What is your gifting room 101?

Christmas chutneys… say no more.

So, are you a gift wrapper or a gift bagger?

I usually gift wrap. However, if I have a surplus of gift bags then sometimes the lucky recipient will receive a wrapped gift in a gift bag!

If you could be gifted anything, what would you like it to be?

It has to be an unlimited shopping spree in John Lewis. The identity of the giver is neither here nor there, I guess they just have to be loaded.

In our best Tom Ellis voice (oh my don’t you just love him, sorry getting distracted), tell us your deepest secret.

I keep a secret stash of Terry’s Chocolate Orange in my desk drawer. I managed to divert a disaster the other day involving my 11-year-old son trying to find some printer paper…

Right we are off to the cement works to raid her desk drawer!

You can purchase her fantastic candles by clicking here and we would love to hear your answers to the above questions, especially your deepest secret!

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