5 Top Tips To Avoid Online Shopping Mistakes

Online shopping mistakes

There is a level of skill involved in shopping on the internet.  It is so easy to get carried away, sitting in your pj’s, flicking through the websites until you suddenly find something that you just have to have.  Or perhaps you are in such a rush, looking for that gift that you need by Friday that you click buy and think ‘that will do’ but, oh dear, when that panic or drunken purchase comes through the post you wonder, what on earth, that’s not what I bought is it?

Confession – even I have done that, a seasoned online shopper who is always so very careful.  I was rushing to buy the preschool manager a gift.  Lovely lady who was so welcoming to everyone that I thought I had found the perfect gift.  A bread tin.  I was won over by the image on the website of the bread tin with a gerbera planted in the tin.  Perfect, Number 4 child could plant it up just for her so there was a personal touch with the gift.  I was so excited waiting for the tin to arrive, plotting what plant to use and how we would wrap it.

A few days passed and no bread tin parcel arrived, I was happily opening up a few small padded envelopes and out from one fell the bread tin.  The perfect size to plant a twig in, or perhaps a few strands of cress.  Yup!  Guess who had not checked the measurements?

buying mistakes

I still have that ‘bread tin’, I rushed off and purchased another more suitable and sizeable gift but I now use the bread tin to store a few paperclips in as a reminder to me to always check the measurements.  So how can you avoid the horrors of internet shopping?  Here are our top 5 tips.

  1. Check that the website has a padlock by the URL or web address begins with ‘https’ as this shows that the information is encrypted.
  2. If you are unsure of the website you can always use PayPal to check out as this offers you protection.
  3. Read the terms and conditions.  If you return everything you order a company must repay your original cost of postage to you that they charged but they do not have to pay it if you keep just one item that you ordered.  Likewise, they do not have to pay for the goods to be returned, that cost often falls to the purchaser.
  4. Read the description.  I know how long we at Crimson Tiger spend trying to make the descriptions not only entertaining but also informative.   When you are shopping online keep a ruler or tape measure handy so you understand the size.
  5. Colour is a hard one.  As we all know, colour is subjective, think of That Dress that everyone argued about on the internet, was it blue?  We often argue as to what colour to describe something as it is so subjective and although we are careful that our photographs truly show the colour correct we have no control over how you view it, your settings on your computer or touch screen, the brightness etc.

What was your #buyingmistake, let us know on twitter, Facebook or Instagram or comment below, using the hashtag #buyingmistake.  Let me know I am not alone in mucking up!