An Organised Christmas Countdown – Week 7

Organised Christmas

Now all our Halloween sugar levels are off the scale and our eyes are still blinking from the bright fireworks it is time to really knuckle down to the Christmas preparations.

This week is –

Notebook Week (we really go all out on the naming of our weeks!)

First choose a notebook.  It can be a bullet journal, or a notebook you already own or even better, you can treat yourself to one of our notebooks with our special 20% off voucher code at the end of this post, this is just for you.

20% off

Divide the book up into 6 sections.

1st section

List who you have to buy for, leaving a gap between each name so you have space to fill in what you have got them when you buy it.

2nd section

Ideas.  As and when you think of things that might be suitable for those you buying for, scribble it down.  There is nothing worse than thinking of a really great idea for your partner, to only forget it by the time you go shopping.

3rd Section

Not gift shopping lists.  All those bizarre items you end up needing, the crackers, the table decorations, the wrapping paper, the cards, the Sellotape.  And while you are at it, treat yourself to a tape dispenser, they are only a few pounds and save the juggle of the tape, scissors and wrap that you inevitably end up doing down by the side of the bed where you hope no one will realise you are there.

4th section

Food List.  Start listing, and start buying all those non perishable goods that help make Christmas the indulgence it is.  It helps to spread the cost of the final couple of weeks food bill.  Cheese crackers, cheese balls, cheesey tortillas.  Sorry, I have the munchies for cheese right now, did you hear Sainsburys have bought out a cheese Christmas calendar?  Must get one!

5th Section

Your wishes.  Make life easier and help those that love you buy something that you would really like.  Start noting down some ideas of things you need and things you want.  If you are unlucky enough to have a partner like HeWhoBuysGrapefruitKnives they will be so pleased to receive the ideas list.

6th Section

The families wishes.  Make a note of all there Christmas wants, where to buy it from, code numbers and price so if other family members ask you can make suggestions.  We have listed below some ideas of how to get the children to collate their wish lists.

If your notebook does not already have dividers use sticky notes, like PostIt notes.  It will mean you can reference the right section quickly and easily.


Younger Children’s wish list.

Start collecting the Christmas catalogues that the shops are putting out.  Give them some childproof scissors, a glue stick, paper and the catalogues and let them loose.  They can cut out all the ideas that they would like and stick them to the paper with the added bonus of keeping them occupied for an hour or so.


Older Children’s Wish List

Get them going on Pinterest, pinning items onto their wish board.  This has the added bonus of giving you direct links to the products, although it is always worth looking elsewhere as you might find it cheaper elsewhere.   It is worth while making sure you put the settings on the Christmas board as private so it can not be seen by anyone that follows you or them.

So don’t forget to use your 20% off coupon code to treat yourself to one of our notebooks.

Happy listing! 

Gifts for loved ones

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