An Organised Christmas Countdown – Week 6

Christmas Countdown

Wait for it, wait for it – Food’n’Cards Week (do you think we need to work on our titles?)

This week you have a few more tasks, the more you do now the less manic December is going to feel.  Sorry, you will thank me for it later.

You may have noticed the Christmas cards are in the shops, it may seem too early but you really need to get on top of these as they can really become a chore if you leave them last minute.  Write out a list of who to send them to, make a note if you want to include a separate letter to them and we also send a photo of the our kids to some of the family and friends who we don’t see that often.  Count them up and go shopping for some cards.

Write out a batch of 15 a night and as a reward you can have a glass of wine.

To make it easier for next year you can always do address labels and save them on the computer for next year.

An alternative is to donate some money to your favourite charity and not send out cards but you might find the older members of your family and friends would still appreciate a card.

Random meal time.

Go through your freezer and see what odds and ends you have in there which will have no real use on its own.  An example is we have one bhaji, half a packet of frozen prawns, 2 sausages, 3 pittas.  I usually find serving anything with an egg makes it more acceptable and bizarrely bhaji and egg goes rather well!  You will often find some new food combinations that will become a family favourite please share the oddest combinations that you have enjoyed on social media with us, links are below.

Once you have cleared space in your freezer you can start to fill it with Christmas fayre.  If you like to make your own mince pies these often freeze well, as does homemade stuffing, one friend even part prepares her Christmas roasties and then pops them in the oven straight from the freezer on the day.  This is the link to the BBC Good Food version of what she does. Click Here

From now on, every time you make a family favourite meal and it can be frozen make double quantities so on the evenings you are too busy over Christmas or just really can not face too long in the kitchen you have a meal you will all enjoy without the hassle.

For more inspiration of what you can freeze head over to Pinterest.  Sit down one evening with your favourite tipple and have a session on Pinterest, making up boards for decorating ideas, wrapping ideas, gifts, recipes, gifts to make.

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Here are a free printable to help you list your jobs to do this week and also a list of important dates for posting and ordering.  Click on the links below to take you to the printable versions of them.

organised for christmas
Week 6 printable

Postal dates