An Organised Christmas Countdown – Week 5

organised christmas

With five weeks to go many of us are fully engrossed into our Christmas shopping by now, others are in denial and hiding from the whole thing till December but whatever happens you need to know your rights and keep your shopping organised.

Start Organised and Save Money

Go get an envelope or a small plastic wallet that you can either keep in your handbag or near where you like to unpack your shopping when you come home.  Every time you buy something for Christmas put the receipt in that wallet/envelope, you may need to refer to it as some point if there is an issue with a purchase.  Also put all the sales receipts that you receive from online shopping parcels.  If you are buying a gift, and the retailer offers a gift receipt (usually does not show the price on the receipt) place that gift receipt in with the gift so that you remember to wrap it up with the gift.

It is worth registering to receive their emails with companies that you plan to do some Christmas shopping.  You might find you receive money off codes and vouchers, free delivery and the like.  Follow companies on social media as they may have giveaways going on, LIKE WE DO!  The earlier you do this the more money you may find yourself saving.


What to do if you have an issue with a purchase.

Your rights vary according to whether to purchased the item or items online/mail order or at a shop.  This is because you have not seen the physical goods when you purchase online where as you can inspect them in the shop before you make your purchase.  Your rights also change according to whether the goods are faulty or whether you have changed your mind and don’t like them.


You are not entitled to a refund whether purchased online or from a shop if the following has occurred:

You knew the goods were faulty when you purchased them.

You damaged it yourself or someone else has (other than the retailer) when trying to fix it


You have the right to return the faulty goods and receive a full refund.


The retailer must be given the chance to make a repair or replacement.  If unsuccessful then you can ask for a refund.


Burden of proof falls to the buyer to prove that the fault you’ve found was present at the time of the purchase of the goods in store or when you first took ownerships online.  What makes this bit cloudy is there is no guidance by the law on how to prove.


Online – you have 14 days of receiving the goods (when you first take ownership) to contact the retailer to say you do not like them.  This is best done by email or online contact form so you have a paper trail.  You then have a further 14 days to return them.  Most retailers will inform you the best way to do this in response of your email.

Shop – A retailer does not have to refund you if you purchased the shop in their store, get home and decide you do not like it anymore.  This is because you have already had a chance to inspect the goods at the time of purchase.  It would only be through good will if they did and then are perfectly in their rights to offer you a credit note instead or a refund.  BUT if they have written into their store policy then they have to abide by their policy.  You can find their store policy online or they should be able to provide you with details in store if you ask nicely.  It is easier thought to find it online.

There is a side note to changing your mind online or not.  If you have purchased any of those listed below then unless they are faulty you can not get a refund.

Personalised or custom made.  Perishable goods like frozen food, flowers.  Newspapers or magazines.  Unwrapped CDs, DVDs, computer software. Health and hygiene goods.


For further hints and tips read our blog for some shopping Christmas tips here 

Or post your questions and personal tips below, we love to hear from you.  Here is a free printable order tracker and your organised list for you to print off, just click on the image to be taken to a pdf printable version.

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free printable
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