An Organised Christmas Countdown week 4

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There are six main types of Christmas decorator.

The Theme’er

Their house is colour co ordinated and so are all their decorations.  Everything is set within two or three colours including the Christmas cushions and table cloth.  They always have a table centre piece to match their tree or, so often in their case, trees as they will have many scattered around the house.

The Trendsetter

Every year, their home will surprise you.  They will have been the first home to have had the white tree, the pink tree, the upside down tree, the tree hanging from the ceiling, the twig tree.  Everything is so on trend your head buzzes.  Last year it was pom poms instead of baubles, this year might it be blush and bronze decorations with foliage everywhere?

The Traditionalist

Those who have their family heirlooms, that they slowly add to each year. Delicate, decades old decorations adorn their tree with a beautiful china fairy that was once great grandmamas.

The Intenserparent

Perched high on their tree is a creature that would not look out of place from the Carnival of Souls film, little Johnny’s (now aged 24) angel that he made back in reception.  All of Johnny’s makes through his childhood are hanging on the tree with bits of red wool.  Intense parenting at its best.

The FunLover

You have to walk as fast as you can through their hallway without flinching as they have every type of musical Santa, trouser dropping Santa you can imagine.  Be prepared to scared witless by a Christmas tree with eyes that starts to sing to you when you walk into their living room!

The IDontHaveTimeSoThisWillDo’er

Those that have grabbed a tree, often a pre-lit variety, and flung a few decorations onto the tree, or even better, have left the kids to just get on with it and they feel no need to sneakily redo the tree when the kids have gone to bed.

Whatever your style, you can gather so much inspiration in magazines, and Pinterest that perhaps this is the time to have a think about any new decorations to treat yourself to.  Go through your decorations, is your tinsel tatty? Are your baubles broken? Are you lights lacklustre? Go treat yourself to some new ones or give Little Johnny a run for his money and make some of your own.  If you are really clever you will head over to our Facebook page or Instagram page between Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th November where we are offering a chance of winning ones of our personalised ceramic Christmas decorations.

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