An Organised Christmas Countdown

An Organised Christmas Countdown – Week 2

Can you believe it?  Only 2 weeks left till Christmas so you can guess what we are going to be doing this week, gift wrapping! Now you will fall into one of two categories here, the love its, or the loathe its.

The love its

You are the type to have read our wrap it Wednesday blogs, have Pinterest boards full of gift wrapping ideas.  You take pleasure in wrapping gifts to make them more special.   How can you up your game?  First of all check out the lovely Jane Means, who has a shop that sells trimmings and wrapping paper and also you can book onto one of her gift wrapping courses. The you can click here to link to her online shop. Jane Means

Jane also has a few videos on You Tube which has some clear instructions on different ways to wrap

The loathe its

You could happily wrap a gift up in a plastic carrier bag or slaps some newspaper round it.  You have spent so long choosing the gift (at least we hope that’s what you’ve done) that do you really have to flaff with the wrapping?  Upping your game is not going to be that challenging!  Here are a few ideas for you.

Companies, ourselves included, offer a free gift-wrapping service.  Take us up on the offer!

Kraft bags from companies like  They do a range of plain coloured and Christmas themed bags and matching tissue paper with prices starting around 21p per bag.  Bags are also available from ebay and amazon.

Have a look at some simple wrapping techniques, on Pinterest, you will be surprised at how easy a box shape is to wrap.

Start thinking outside the box.  If you find yourself in a twist with wrapping paper then use other items.  Balloons make an amusing way to ‘wrap’ smaller items.  Insert the gift into the balloon, blow up, tie a few together and either hand then like that or pop them in a big box.

Cello wrap is forgiving.  Sit some tissue paper on top of some cello wrap, place the gift in the centre of the tissue wrap, gather up the tissue and cello round the gift and tie at the top of the gift with some ribbon.

You can get any bored children to start decorating the plain bags or plain brown paper for you and even better they could wrap gifts you are giving to others.

Gift tags can be a problem, they easily detached from the gift in the jumble of Christmas day leaving a random gift sitting under the tree which no ones know who it is for or who it is from.  Stickers firmly attach to the wrap or bag so cause less confusion.

For unusual ribbons pop to your local wool shop, there are plenty of unusual yarns which are glittery, or have pompoms on that are far cheaper than buying lengths of similar ribbons.  Or get the children to make ribbon snakes with their knitting Nancy.   You can purchase a knitting nancy for just £5 here

Make wrapping more bearable with this little drinking game.

gift wrapping game