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Time to give it some love!

Why did we decide to do some free printable gift tags? Well, we were sitting chatting the other day while we packed up some orders, saying how some people are very full on with their declarations of love and how others are like us, are more, well, reserved, okay, we edge on sarcastic.

There are those who will at a drop of the hat declare ‘love ya babe’ to their bestie along with ‘you’re amazing, I am soooo lucky to have you in my life’ and you can never be sure if they are just saying what they think they should say, or saying it to be falsely flattering or because it trips off their tongue so easily they just come across so insincere. 

Then you get the group of girls like us who were packing the orders. The type that are like ‘yeh, wanna a drink?’ and ‘ditto’, and occasionally a ‘you’re doing okay’ if we are on a roll. 

So, we decided we needed to do some positive labels for our print off and cut out range.  Something that will do the talking for us but without any of the falseness!

Postive Love Free Gift Tags
Free Printable Gift Tags

How to print off the labels

  • Click on the link here or on the picture above, they both take you to the same place, a PDF which you can print from at home, or work, or at your friend’s house…..
  • Take a pair of scissors and carefully, without cutting your fingers or your clothes, cut round the labels.  In best Blue Peter voice, you may want an adult to do this.
  • With a hole puncher, line up where we have placed a circle and punch a hole so you can thread ribbon or string through it to tie to the parcel.  If you don’t have a hole punch, place some blue tac or like under the circle and with a sharp pencil pierce a hole.  Trim round with scissors to neaten the hole.
  • Tie the gift tag to your gift.
  • If you want to back the tag with the same paper as your wrapping paper, roughly cut out your tag and then glue the wrapping paper on to the tag.  Once dried, carefully cut out the tag and punch the hole.

We would love to see you use your tags, so please take a photograph and tag us on social media, our links are below.

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