To Gift List Or Not To Gift List

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How do you react when you are presented with a gift list by someone?  Do you rejoice that you have been given some ideas and do not have to go trawling round the shops and spend all night clicking away online shopping?  Or do you react with a ‘how very dare they’ in your best Hyacinth Bucket accent?

It seems to divide the nation, cause upset among family members, and like teacher gifts it’s a real marmite issue, but are gift lists really that bad a thing?  This is why we think they are a great way to avoid someones disappointment (unless they have read our gift face training blog!).

I became an aunty at the age of 15 and completely fell in love with each and every one of my sisters’ babies but the first was special not just because finally I was no longer the youngest in the family.  I remember the first time my eldest nephew fell asleep in my arms, sheer joy that this little fella could feel so comfortable and safe that he could nod off with me, hey!  I was in a bubble okay?  I would buy little gifts to mark such amazing events such as his 6-month birthday, as I said, besotted.  But I quickly realised there was no way I would get the right thing without getting guidance from his mum, especially as more wonderful babies joined our family.  It is hard as a mum to keep track of what they were into never mind an aunty who was more aufait with the latest drinks at the local nightclub than the latest toy fad of a 3-year-old.  Thank goodness for the gift list!  I would far rather be told by their mums what they wanted than buy some gigantic plastic toy that would never be played with, no point wasting money, unless it was a drum, a drum is always fun to give to a young child when you don’t live anywhere near them.

With this logic when I became a mum, we employed the gift list at the babies first Christmas.  Oh my word!  This did not go down well with some.  How dare we tell them what they could buy for our son.  We may all think that we know everyone within our gift buying circle so well we can always buy the perfect gift for them but can you really know each and every time the perfect gift?

Small token surprise gifts are lovely, but if you are buying decent sized gifts is it not better to have guidance?  So how is the best way to go about this?  Here are our suggestions.

  1. When presenting someone with a gift list, may I suggest you call it ‘some ideas’ and say it is to offer them guidance as you know how precious their time is?
  2. Make sure that there are plenty of ideas that fit in with all price ranges especially if it is a wedding list.
  3. Don’t offer a gift list to all your acquaintances.  Big gifts need guidance, but those who give a token gift like family friends etc don’t foster upon them your ideas, these are the surprise gifts, the ones where the gift is actually being thought of rather than what is wrapped.
  4. Use Wish Lists on your favourite websites.  We offer a wish list service where you can add anything from our website to your Wish List and then when someone buys from it is removed so no doubling up.
  5. Pinterest is a great tool for creating a gift list, create a board, add to it items you would love to receive and you get to choose whether to keep it open or private.  One downside is the item is not removed from your board if someone buys it so you do risk doubling up.
  6. Don’t groan when you are handed a list.  Think about all the time you will save and how you can spend more time up chilling.

So, spill, tell us what you would love to put on your own gift list if money was no object, and what is your reaction when you are presented with a gift list?  Full names will not be published, just initials.

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