Lockdown 300.00001 Bingo

As we start yet another lockdown with a sense of dread we thought we would have some fun. We do love a little, random game of bingo in this house!

Here is our Lockdown Bingo.  You are welcome to play along with us, or we have made you a blank version for you to print off and use your own words.

Let us know who gets a full house, you never know we might send you a little prize!

Crimson Tiger’s Lockdown Bingo

Here is a copy for you to print off and make up your own version.  Just click on the link and it will take you to a printable PDF. Let us know how you go!

Lockdown Help

You have to love lockdown for it’s own stresses and strains it brings to most households.  Despite it being a calmer timetable the challenges change. 

For others, we appreicate there is nothing to love and it brings danger, fear, panic, and distress. 

If someone told us a year ago we had to sit around working in our casuals, no commute you would think it sounded bliss, but we all know it is far from it and so much harder when there is no deck chair calling your name. 

It is not forever, for even the Spanish flu had an end and life went back to normal for our ancestors. 

If you are finding it challenging we are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and you can always send us a private message if you need to reach out or off load or just want a giggle.  Meanwhile, we hope you all have a calm lockdown and stay safe. x

For those of you who are finding it particularly tough please click here to link you to the Samaritans.