An Organised Christmas – Countdown Week 8

I am sure your HoHoHo is buried deep right now and you are just relieved to have got through half term and have absolutely no desire to even think about Christmas.  Usually, if I mention the C word around now everyone whinges and says not before Halloween, but we are going to get you all prepared for the busy season ahead.

Between now and the 24th December we are going to be setting weekly tasks and printable lists for you to be so ready for Christmas that you will be knocking back the eggnog (does anyone actually drink the stuff?) the first week of December as you will be so relaxed and in control.

Right, all together now, no complaining, no whinging, quiet in the ranks, let’s get you going on your most organised Christmas ever!

This week’s task is –


  1. Gather up all the handouts from schools about Christmas concerts, plays, matches, and meetings. If, like many, you have lost the paper handouts to the gremlins in the house then look online at the schools’ and clubs’ websites to see what dates are coming up.  Log them in the diary.
  2. Chat to the other half and see what work bashes you have to attend and any that require both of you or where they clash book the babysitters now. Good babysitters get booked up very quickly during December, as do grandparents and aunts etc.  The sooner you do it the sooner you can go out adulting.
  3. While you have the other half’s attention, time to discuss the BIG ONE. Where do you spend Christmas?  I shall leave you to sort this one out, I have to deal with enough family politics of our own never mind yours!
  4. Book any time needed off work if you have not done so already, not forgetting to book time off the school bits you might need to attend. Also, consider booking off a November Monday or Tuesday to go shopping when the shops are less crowded.
  5. Once you have all those dates logged in your diary, book a day or even better, a weekend with friends to go Christmas shopping together, turning a chore into a pleasure. A good lunch or dinner as a reward and plenty of coffee stops, you will soon make a dent, and having others to bounce gift ideas off, and who might spy something different to you in the shops will make the gift shopping much easier.
  6. If your children are still young, book a visit to see the Father Christmas of your choice. The good ones are booked up early so get going early to avoid having to visit the drunk Santa in a polyester suit with a brown bag wrapped around a bottle of whiskey by his side that stinks of cigarettes.  Sorry, about that, just recalling a damaging episode from my youth.  Back on track now.
  7. Take key dates for you from our 2019 postage chart so you can make sure friends and family who live away still get their cards and gifts in plenty of time.
  8. If you do not already use a family calendar, it might be worth printing off our free Christmas Calendar and pin it where everyone can see it. This will help keep everyone informed about what is going on during a very busy month.

See, nothing too challenging, easily covered over a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  Now go fill those Trick or Treat bowls and get ready for the ghosts and ghouls to come a calling!  Keep an eye on our Facebook page this week as we are having a giveaway to start the Christmas gift shopping.  We promise it’s not eggnog!

Each week we have prepared free, no-catches, print-offs for you to fill in to keep you organised.  Just click on the images below to take you to the printable versions.

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free printable

Printable Christmas Planner