9 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Your Christmas Shopping Early

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Do you sit there and moan whenever people start talking about Christmas in the beginning of November?  Christmas is in December and that is where it should stay?  It’s only the marketing that makes us start on at us about Christmas in November?  Right? Wrong!  It is very different to putting up your Christmas decorations early and you don’t have to be in full Christmas carol singing, tinsel twirling mode to start your Christmas shopping.  So, when is the best time to start your Christmas gift shopping?  Here are a few good reasons why it should be now.

  1. Less chance of them selling out of the popular gifts which would result in you heading to a popular online auction site and paying an extra 500% of the most wished for toy of this year.
  2. There are more deals on offer in November than there is in December as shops want to kick start the Christmas shopping so you get to save a bit of money, which obviously means you can buy yourself a gift as a reward!
  3. The shops are less busy meaning no long meandering queues, grumpy people barging past you and finding a car parking space is far easier and involves a lot less shouting
  4. You don’t panic hide the gifts and forget about where you shoved them.  Yes, I have learnt the hard way and ended up giving my eldest his main Christmas present in February when I eventually found it!
  5. You have time to wrap the gifts before the children break up from school so less chance of being caught with the sticky tape in your mouth and the Father Christmas wrapping paper stuck to your foot
  6. If the gift goes missing in the post you have time to sort it out and get a replacement sent to you
  7. If the weather turns nasty even the online shopping slows down as slippery, snowy roads stop the couriers and posties.  Just think back to a few years ago where so many people did not get their Christmas gifts on time.
  8. You don’t end up buying the first thing you see because it’s Christmas Eve and you were due home an hour ago and you hate shopping, please take note HeWhoBuysGrapefruitKnives
  9. You get to put your feet up in December when everyone else is running around like a headless chicken and start to enjoy the fun things like the parties, the concerts, the drink dos, the Santa visits.

Have we convinced you now? Well don’t say we haven’t warned you.  Good Luck, shop safely.

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