7 Tips to Get Organised for Christmas Shopping

organised for christmas

It is that time of year when we are busy shopping especially on the internet.  We thought it would be helpful if you had a way of tracking all internet orders, including those from Crimson Tiger.  Please find below the link to download and print our Internet Orders Tracker PDF.  Just click on the link below – ‘internet-order-tracker’ which will open in a new window and you can print it off for your own use.

PDF internet order tracker

Crimson Tiger’s 7 Tips For Getting Organised This Christmas

  1. Start your Christmas shopping sooner rather than later.  Although later delivery dates are available it will only take a couple of bad weather days to slow down the delivery couriers and postmen.
  2. When you get your parcel, check straight away that everything is correct and in good condition, if not contact the company you ordered from who will inform you of what to do next.
  3. When hiding the gifts from family and friends do not head straight to your usual place.  Trust us when we say the family will know your favourite hiding place.  Just hide it in a spot where no one goes and leave a note on your phone reminding you.  One year my eldest had to wait three weeks after Christmas till we found his main present, we had hid it so well!
  4. When wrapping the gifts up, pop stickers on the gift not just labels which just full off.  Every year there is always a random gift under the tree which we play guess who it’s for and who it’s from.
  5. Struggling to think of ideas of what to buy someone?  First of all write down everything you believe they like, their favourite colour, their hobbies, their occupation.  Think about the last few times you saw them.  Do they only ever wear one necklace?  If so you know not to buy them a necklace.  Do they often have a scarf on?  Then they would enjoy a new scarf.  When it comes to hobbies and their occupation is there something that would make it easier or more enjoyable?  Once you start thinking you can start googling.
  6. Do not think that you have to buy one complete present, creating a selection of small, thoughtful gifts presented as one shows a great deal of attention.
  7. Really, really do not know what to do get?  Make them an advent calendar.  Small gifts, wrapped chocolate, bad Christmas jokes, and personal messages hung on some ribbon, one for each day of advent or for the twelve days of Christmas.

Have yourself a Merry and Organised Christmas,


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  1. S says:

    Making your list and checking it twice of the people you re going to send Christmas cards to. If you plan on sending a family photo or photos of the children, book your family photo shoot early. If you re planning to make your own cards, make sure you have the supplies you need. Get your list together and hit the store. 5. You can do some holiday baking and store them in the freezer like cookie dough, shortbread cookies, tarts, bars, appetizers etc. You can also buy and freeze other food items to use during the holiday cooking season. Get your meats early  and freeze them. Make sure that you have your pantry stocked up, so that you are not rushing around at the last minute unable to find what you need!

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