Concrete Tea Light Holder


This is one of those gifts that you will buy for someone else and then love it so much you will want to keep it for yourself!  A handmade, hand-painted concrete tea light holder with a stripe in a choice of five colours along the rim by The Cement Works.  Available in a choice of 5 colours, pink, lime, black, blue and white.

  • The tea-light holder even comes with a complimentary hand-poured soy wax scented tea light courtesy of Candles by Abi.
  • Measures approximately 6 cm in height by 6 cm in diameter.
  • Please note that the handmade process means all pieces are unique and products may vary slightly in appearance making them each extra special.
  • Never leave any lit candle unattended nor near children or anything flammable.  You know what, you are old enough for us to say just use your common sense and be sensible when it comes to candles.  You can be wild and free when they are not lit!

If you would like to know more about The Cement Works, you can read our blog about Emma, the founder by clicking here.


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