Dark Honey & Tobacco Travel Sized Candle


Hand poured in England; this soy wax candle should burn for approximately 15 hours.  The makers describe the fragrance as ‘The dark and powerful tobacco is softened by the honey accords that makes this aroma intoxicating.  The woody heart of sandalwood ages this scent with a gentleman’s agreement of elegance.  While the amber & honey base give you a nod of delicate sweetness.’

  • Made in UK
  • Made of soy wax, glass
  • Burn time of approximately 15 hours assuming you look after the wick
  • Measures 5cm narrowing to 4cm diameter by 6.6cm height

We know you are sensible but we have to say, naked flames can cause fires.  Never leave a lit candle unattended, near anything flammable, nowhere within reach of a baby, child, and some teenagers.  Have something heat resistant underneath and make sure it is a level surface.  In other words, use common sense!