Personalised Cocktail Shaker


Ladies and gentlemen time to follow Couglins diet: cocktails and dreams.  Yup, because when he pours, he reigns.  Am I showing my age now?  Cocktail?  Tom Cruise?

Anyway, we have the cocktail shaker and you can tell us what you want on it.  A photograph; a drawing; a random saying in your favourite colours; your logo; a design you want us to create just for you.  Just pop your request in the text box, and we will send you a mock-up for you to tell us how you want it changed and voila, a unique gift.

More about the cocktail shaker itself.  It is composed of 3 pieces, the base, the midsection with strainer and the cap top.  If you know your cocktail shakers you will know that this style is called a Cobbler shaker.  The base is white, ready for us to put your design on and the midsection with strainer and cap top is the original metal colour.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • 550ml/18oz

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Wording & Description of Personalisation

Wording & Description of Personalisation

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