personalised tin

Personalised Storage Tin

Okay, hands up who has a drawer full of elastic bands, half used batteries and the random paperclip that ends up entangled with the elastic bands.  See it is not just us!  We have the solution for you with our personalised tins.  These tins can have a selection of messages on the front that can be personalised or you can send us your image that you wish to go on the tin lid or even better you can request your very own personalised lid from the colour to the message and it does not cost any more than the standard tin.  How cool is that?

  • Tin measures 18cm x 11cm x 5.3cm
  • Image size 17.6cm x 10.7cm
  • Tin made of, well, tin
  • Tin comes empty ready for you to fill


A tin that can be personalised with any message, pattern or design, from an ‘odds and ends’ tin, or how about a personalised tin of tea which you can fill with their favourite teas.

We can put your image, child’s drawing, logo or personalised message.  The tin comes empty ready for you to fill.

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Bits & Bobs Image, Your Own Image or Drawing, Plain colour background of your choice

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