Rocksalt & Driftwood Signature Candle


Hand-poured in England; this soy wax candle should burn for approximately 45 hours.  The makers describe the fragrance as ‘A mesmerising, floral marine scent.  Imagine dipping your toes in a cool rock pool with the refreshing top notes of Seaweed and Green Algae, livened by a fresh coastal breeze.  The heart notes unfold with a cascade of Cyclamen and Water Lily.  At the base of this fragrance, sparkling, salt-crusted Driftwood is warmed by rich notes of Amber, Patchouli and Musk.’

  • Made in UK
  • Made of soy wax, glass, metal lid
  • Burn time of approximately 45 hours assuming you look after the wick
  • Measures 6.7cm diameter by 8.3cm height without lid

We know you are sensible but we have to say, naked flames can cause fires.  Never leave a lit candle unattended, near anything flammable, nowhere within reach of a baby, child, and some teenagers.  Have something heat resistant underneath and make sure it is a level surface.  In other words, use common sense!

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