Whittle Dean No.1 – Northumberland


The magic of camera film, how it captures such textures and movement in a static image is always a marvel.  Here a stream at Whittle Dean in Northumberland still shows the movement of the water over the moss strewn rocks.  Unfortunately for the photographer it resulted in a slipped disc but hey, pleasure pain theory at work here, we have the pleasure of the image, while Jonathan had the pain!

Note to any family and friends of Nerissa – She really would like this image for her birthday, just don’t tell her I told you!

This is a hand processed and printed image using traditional black and white photography techniques by photographer Jonathan Bradley from his series ‘Ephemerids’.  You can read more about the photographer and the series by clicking on the following.

  • Image measures 22.5cm x 17.8cm
  • Hand processed and printed

The Photographer

The Series

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