6 Years, 6 Questions, Happy Birthday to Us
We are celebrating our sixth birthday this November.  Six years ago, we sold our first product online.  It was a steep learning curve when we set up Crimson Tiger, neither of us had any website experience, we could shop online, we were really good at shopping online in fact!  But we had never created our […]

To Gift List Or Not To Gift List
How do you react when you are presented with a gift list by someone?  Do you rejoice that you have been given some ideas and do not have to go trawling round the shops and spend all night clicking away online shopping?  Or do you react with a ‘how very dare they’ in your best […]

Competition time!
This competition is open to anyone under 18 years old, they can live outside the UK but the prize will only be sent to a UK postcode. The drawing can be as colourful or monotone


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